How to Get the Grade Without Doing the Work

How to Get the Grade Without Doing the Work

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The one problem all students run into while they prepare for a test is not what you might think. You might naturally assume that the problem is one of memory (i.e., remembering the answers to the test), but the real problem is what I call the a€œSituation Effect.a€ In laymen terms, our intelligence is composed of two halves, the first being genetic, the second being environmental (e.g., diet, sleep, sociability, etc.), and these two halves come together to form our current situation. Therefore, effects on either of these halves can help make or break our grades. The only way to improve your situation is to learn how to make your brain happy and comfortable, because when youa€™re sad or stressed you will not function as well. In fact, some people are physically disfigured to a certain degree because they endured so much trial. In this state of mind, motor skills are frustrated and do not function like they should. Also, because of provoking anxiety, ability to fight disease is infringed. Above all, your focus, drive to succeed, and mental activity are all incredibly bankrupt. When theya€™re bad enough, it feels like they dona€™t even exist. Therefore, if you keep yourself as happy as possible you will study more effectively.A Complete Guide on How to Make Excellent Grades in College While Not Doing the Work Charles Lanham ... First, you could avoid handing the test in and later act upset because the professor lost your exam, but this will probably only work if ... On the other hand, if you are in a classroom during the test, you could try asking a question to distract the professor long enough to ... When the professor is not looking, take out the test of the same color and slide it under the real test to cheat.

Title:How to Get the Grade Without Doing the Work
Author:Charles Lanham
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-08-10


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