How to DVJ

How to DVJ

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How to DVJ is THE manual for the new generation of DJ's incorporating all the modern advances in digital technology- vinyl decks are replace by digital decks, and sound is combined with visual imagery. Covering all the basics of scratch, blending and mixing as well as explaining image manipulation such as wipes, layering and fades the book is set to unleash creativity and take DJ's from the bedroom to Ibiza. The accompanying DVD includes tutorial material from the 'pioneer' of DVJing as well as essential information for connecting DVJX1's to mixers, operation of the system, digital scratch technique and most importantly how to use pre-made video material to make a DVJ-style music video in fifteen minutes.Now all grown up and ready to go, Live 6 features MIDI sequencing, not only of internal instruments, but also for all those shiny music boxes in your studio. ... So, should you have an acoustic guitar track played by someone who cana#39;t keep to the tempo, Ableton Live will quickly ... any two tracks (almost a€“ actually, most tracks need a bit of manual tweaking in the studio before you take them out to the club).

Title:How to DVJ
Author:Charles Kriel
Publisher:CRC Press - 2013-01-25


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