How to Cheat in Unity 5

How to Cheat in Unity 5

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Looking to become more efficient using Unity? How to Cheat in Unity 5 takes a no-nonsense approach to help you achieve fast and effective results with Unity 5. Geared towards the intermediate user, HTC in Unity 5 provides content beyond what an introductory book offers, and allows you to work more quickly and powerfully in Unity. Packed full with easy-to-follow methods to get the most from Unity, this book explores time-saving features for interface customization and scene management, along with productivity-enhancing ways to work with rendering and optimization. In addition, this book features a companion website at, where you can download the booka€™s companion files and also watch bonus tutorial video content. Learn bite-sized tips and tricks for effective Unity workflows Become a more powerful Unity user through interface customization Enhance your productivity with rendering tricks, better scene organization and more Better understand Unity asset and import workflows Learn techniques to save you time and money during developmentYou can import any file type into a Unity project, including word processor documents, PDF files, charts, diagrams, text files, ... can be found at the Unity documentation here: ImportingAssets.html.

Title:How to Cheat in Unity 5
Author:Alan Thorn
Publisher:CRC Press - 2015-07-16


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