How to build a successful one-person business

How to build a successful one-person business

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An alternate selection (October 1994 bulletin) of CONSERVATIVE BOOK CLUB. Featured in the BOTTOM LINE PERSONAL magazine, NATION'S BUSINESS (July 1994), a other magazines. Reveals how a company with a single employee (the owner), low overhead, a work with a network of subcontractors, distributors, wholesalers, a dealers can succeed in a myriad of business fields. Comments: qThere are plenty of small business guides for entrepreneurs, but this has a different angle than most: it provides a formula for developing a one-person business which relies on no one else for accounting or successful operations...this is packed with some ideas not seen in similar-sounding titles.q--MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW (THE BOOKWATCH). qThis book may be the quintessence of 'How to Start a Successful Business' books of the '90sq--Jerry Buchanan, Publisher/Editor, INFO MARKETING REPORT. Features: *how to choose the right business *ideal one-person businesses *how to target a niche market a/or a general market *a 7-point successful formula for a solo operator *how the author, an award-winning entrepreneur, a others do it. Bookhaus Publishers, P.O. Box 3277, Farmington Hills, MI 48333-3277. Phone: 810-489-8640. Fax: 810-489-8155. Distributors: Publishers Group West, Quality Books, a Unique Books.... ad writing strategies 153 adapter 84 Ad-Lib Publications 198 Advance Book Information (ABI) 185 advance technology 67 advertising 117, ... 274 balancing your overall time 227 bar code 185 bar codes, types of 187 baud 74 beepers, types of 73 Beethhoven 289 Benjamin ... The 283 Book Promotion Hotline, The 198 Book Publishing Resource Guide 205 book sizes 181 bookkeeping 264 Booklist 190anbsp;...

Title:How to build a successful one-person business
Author:Veltisezar B. Bautista
Publisher:Bookhaus - 1994-04


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