How to Become a Guitar Player from Hell

How to Become a Guitar Player from Hell

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This book covers almost every guitar technique used by modern guitar virtuosos and explains them in simple terms anyone can understand. Topics include arpeggios, finger tapping, artificial and muted harmonics, exotic scales and chords, modes, qoutsideq playing, and more, along with never before published methods such as the qwah-whamq technique, unorthodox tremolo bar manipulations, and out-of-the-box thinking exercises. Extensive musical examples are provided in tablature form, no traditional music reading skills necessary. Topics tangential to guitar playing yet still of interest to guitarists are also included, such as how to find band members, taking care of your hands, how to get gigs, and more. The author draws upon his 20 years of guitar playing experience to provide genuine qinsiderq information, much of which has never appeared elsewhere. Guitarists of all levels will find a plethora of knowledge within this book to dramatically improve their proficiency on the instrument.In your improvisational endeavors you should attempt to transcend the method of simply inserting different licks and stock phrases you have ... However, Allan Holdsworth is a rare musician and one ofthe best jazz fusion players on Earth.

Title:How to Become a Guitar Player from Hell
Author:Jason Earls - 2007-08-01


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