How to be a vedic astrologer

How to be a vedic astrologer

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How to be a vedic astrologer is tutorial about vedic astrology.You can learn vedic astrology in only few day by the help of this book.Once you download this book then you are able to see any birth chart and make prediction easly. As well as you can learn how to apply gemstone recommendation and other remedy within a birth chart.6th house represents disputes, diseases and injuries, debts, enemies, opponents , competitors, thieves, fears, doubts, worries, vices, weaknesses, sound ... For example, weakness of the sixth house and/or afflictions to the sixth house or its lord cause vulnerability to problems of ... 8th house represents longevity, research, interest in mystical sciences, occult, MOKSHA, inner and outer transformations, pastanbsp;...

Title:How to be a vedic astrologer
Author:Gautam Roy
Publisher:Gautam Roy - 2014-04-12


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