How to Ace Calculus - In Only Four Hours a Week

How to Ace Calculus - In Only Four Hours a Week

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Most calculus professors suggest you spend 10 hours studying for every one hour of lecture. The Calculus Beast thinks that's too much. That's why we created How To Get An A In Calculus - In Only 4 Hours a Week: to give students a strategy for making better grades in less time. Do you struggle in math classes? Do you dread tests and homework? Do you spend hours studying, only to see no improvement? Chances are you could stand to change your study methods. How To Get An A In Calculus is a research-based method for getting better math grades in less time. This fool-proof strategy draws from psychology, physiology, and years of experience excelling in math and technical academics to create a series of tools and tactics that you can employ immediately to start seeing better grades. How To Get An A In Calculus gives you a battle-tested strategy for getting perfect grades in as little as four hours of studying per week.As you come across new information, constantly ask yourself what does this mean? ... Try to figure out exactly what doesna#39;t make sense or what information you need to clarify your understanding. ... If you can explain to your professor that you understand A, but B is still a little fuzzy, he can better identify where you areanbsp;...

Title:How to Ace Calculus - In Only Four Hours a Week
Author:Rocky Rhodes
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2012-06-12


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