How Public Schools Destroy Your Children's Lives and Careers

How Public Schools Destroy Your Children's Lives and Careers

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Educating your children in the public schools does not take one minute or perhaps one day. Education is a life-long process and whether we like it or not, the fact is, it never stops. Your children will spend the most important part of their lives at the public schools and whatever they learn at those schools will impact their lives as long as they live. What really happens to your children at public schools each day? Do you think that your children are learning useful information in today's schools? If you think that your children will leave today's public schools properly prepared for real life, the answer is no, you are WRONG! Public schools have failed. Many teachers are not properly educated with the appropriate teaching certification. School administrators constantly sell lies about the qsuccessq of their students, when in reality they are failing miserably today. Courses and exams are designed to be very simple so that they no longer test the knowledge of our children properly. The greatest portion of school budgets is spent on the salary of local school administrators. Almost everything your children learn in today's public schools is useless. Teaching positions are no longer designed for the smartest and most qualified teachers; they have become political positions that anyone can hold as long as they get approved by the school board. It's not too late to do something to turn this around! How Public Schools Destroy Your Children's Lives and Careers offers thoughts and solutions on this hot-button topic.I was in the second grade and we had to do some math problems. ... He decided to take the math lesson in his hands and teach us about the number 2. ... This lesson would probably be useful for college students but not the second graders. ... We were afraid to go to school for a long time and we always thought that those bad people would come to our school ... to teach and who design lesson plans that do not match a childrena#39;s age group and therefore the whole lessons becomeanbsp;...

Title:How Public Schools Destroy Your Children's Lives and Careers
Author:Sandro Sehic
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-06


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