How is My Fifth Grader Doing in School?

How is My Fifth Grader Doing in School?

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As the parent of a fifth grader, you may be asking yourself: qMy child says she's too busy to read. Is there anything I can do?q qMy child is learning pre-algebra, but he doesn't know his times tables! Help!q qWhat can I do to make sure my child is prepared for middle school and beyond?q When your child entered fifth grade, you may have breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that you no longer needed to coach your child in basic reading and math skills. But parental involvement is more important than ever for the fifth grader. Academics are getting tougher. Expectations are higher. Children who have glided through school up until now may run into difficulties. Don't worry. qHow Is My Fifth Grader Doing in School?q will help you find out what your child knows, what your child needs to know, and how to work with your child to ensure success in school.Somewhat reminiscent of their preschool years, some fifth graders cana#39;t handle seeing two people in authority (parent and ... In the beginning of the year, word problems that have several operations a€” for instance, addition and division a€” in the ... They take comfort in worksheets that involve only one operation at a time.

Title:How is My Fifth Grader Doing in School?
Author:Jennifer Richard Jacobson, Dottie Raymer
Publisher:Fireside - 2000


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