How Does Wifi Work?

How Does Wifi Work?

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Even though computer wireless networks haven't been around for very long, the basic technology used to create them is more than 100 years old. WiFi uses radio waves to send and receive data and connect smartphones, tablets, and computers to the Internet. Today, almost everywhere you go has WiFi, including schools, coffee shops, and the library. The inner workings of this ubiquitous technology will fascinate readers, who probably use it every day. Accompanied by full-color photos, the main content will introduce innovators like Nikola Tesla and other electronics history, as well as the future possibilities of wireless connection.WPA2 Piggybacking The process ofhoppingbetween The most widely used system to protect WLANs is called WiFi ... is an almost infinite number of possible passwords, this makes it a lot harder for criminals to a€œhacka€ into your WiFi network .

Title:How Does Wifi Work?
Author:Matt Anniss
Publisher:The Rosen Publishing Group - 2013-12-15


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