How Asia Works

How Asia Works

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Until the catastrophic economic crisis of the late 1990s, East Asia was perceived as a monolithic success story. But heady economic growth rates masked the most divided continent in the world - one half the most extraordinary developmental success story ever seen, the other half a paper tiger. Joe Studwell explores how policies ridiculed by economists created titans in Japan, Korea and Taiwan, and are now behind the rise of China, while the best advice the West could offer sold its allies in South-East Asia down the economic river. The first book to offer an Asia-wide deconstruction of success and failure in economic development, Studwell's latest work is provocative and iconoclastic - and sobering reading for most of the world's developing countries. How Asia Works is a must-read book that packs powerful insights about the world's most misunderstood continent.MITIa#39;s attempt to organise moves into the technological frontier of biotechnology in the 1980s, 239 for instance, were less successful than the ... In IT services, MITI was unable to a#39;plana#39; the geeky university dropout who starts a software firm or an internet business in his parentsa#39; garage. ... The large manufacturers it champions a€“ as is also very much the case in Korea a€“ use their scale to squeeze the margins of smaller, ... The bullying tactics of elite big firms are a perennial problem.

Title:How Asia Works
Author:Joe Studwell
Publisher:Profile Books - 2013-03-28


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