Hot Ice

Hot Ice

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One man stands between the United States and a conspiracy that threatens Western civilization Though not on the government payroll, Jason Peters kills for Uncle Sam. NARCOM is a private corporation that does what the CIA doesna€™t have the nerve to do, and Peters is its best operativea€”until the job gets the best of him. He completes his last mission and happily retires to Italy, swearing to his girlfriend that hea€™s through with his deadly past. He has just settled into a peaceful life when NARCOM comes knocking. A contractor for the organization has been shot while on assignment in Iceland, and refuses to talk to anyone but Peters. NARCOM convinces the ex-agent to go, swearing it will be a quick, fact-finding mission. But behind this simple assignment lurks a massive environmental conspiracy, and Peters quickly finds there is no one he can trust other than himself.Jason entered under the suspended recreationof a mammoth blue whale, the worlda#39;s largest animal, and went to the information desk. Following directions, he ... The man stood, revealing rumpled seersucker pants matching the jacket hanging on the nearby coatrack. He had a short beard, ... Dr. Sutter engagedin some form of manual labor, something more strenuous than peering at artifacts. He came 24.

Title:Hot Ice
Author:Gregg Loomis
Publisher:Overamstel Uitgevers - 2013-05-21


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