Hostile Takeover

Hostile Takeover

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A rebellious challenge to the qupper managementq of government, who are choking American prosperity and liberty The American enterprise grew exceptional based on the founding principles of individual freedom, decentralized knowledge, and accountable, constitutionally limited government. But our qleadersq from Washington, D.C., have systematically replaced the dispersed genius of America with top-down dictates and expensive schemes designed to expand the power of insiders and protect the privileged positions of politicians, bureaucrats, and their cronies. Freedom, not centralization qDecentralized freedomq has become the strategy that will return America to its founding values, breaking up centralized government's monopoly on power and returning it to where it belongs: with We the People. Senior management has failed us. It's time to clean house. In Hostile Takeover, bestselling author Matt Kibbe exposes the privileged collusion of Washington insidersa€”and maps out a proven plan for how to return power from the self-appointed qexpertsq back to the people. Dubbed qone of the Tea Party's mastermindsq by Newsweek, Kibbe reveals how grassroots citizens can and will check the federal behemoth and restore the American enterprise to its founding principles.This turned out to be the essential record of what actually happened, because as soon as we had left the hearing room the Rules staffers went into full spin mode to cover up what had just gone down.2 Sony Bloggie HD Pocket Camcorder with anbsp;...

Title:Hostile Takeover
Author:Matt Kibbe
Publisher:Harper Collins - 2012-06-19


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