Horrendous Death, Health, and Well-being

Horrendous Death, Health, and Well-being

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The theme of this book is that a host of causes of death are fashioned by people, sometimes intentionally and sometimes unintentionally. It argues that horrendous death is the greatest public health problem of the 20th century and the greatest threat to the future, surpassing AIDS and natural disasters. However, because horrendous deaths are caused by man, they can be eliminated by man if collective minds and will are brought to bear on the task. The final cause of the book is to motivate the reader into action to eliminate horrendous death.Daniel Leviton. Swung blind and blackening in the moonless air; Morn came and wenta€” and came, and brought no day. And men forgot their ... Thus, it does not matter whether the climate change is large or very large, because even small changes can have large consequences. Furthermore ... the individual effects. Table 3 Way s in which nuclear winter would affect NUCLEAR WINTER 255 Uncertainties.

Title:Horrendous Death, Health, and Well-being
Author:Daniel Leviton
Publisher:Taylor & Francis - 1991


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