Honor and Vengeance

Honor and Vengeance

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On the table before him spread an embroidered cloth bearing images he had seen before. There was a fire burning at the center, its flames reaching toward the sky. Dancing about the fire were three winged beasts representing Life and Time and Fate. As he studied the figures, they began moving back and forth in rhythm to some unheard musical beat. The beasts seemed to mesmerize him as he tried to glance at his watch, but Stephen couldn't see the hands or the dial. He wasn't even sure his watch was with him. Suddenly, the room became too dark to see anything except the glowing eyes of the old woman and the objects on the table before him. Nevertheless, he sensed that the waiting was finally over. The old woman's arm reached out ever so slowly, and her hand pushed the deck of cards toward him. Without a word, she then withdrew her arm back under the shawl. The fact that no words were spoken did not seem unusual to him. There obviously was no need for words.It made me feel better about my rather extensive credit card debt. ... I pointed out the well known fact that jail time was much better in the federal system than in a state system, but she told me that, win or lose, this would be her last visit with her anbsp;...

Title:Honor and Vengeance
Author:James Wollrab
Publisher:iUniverse - 2006-04


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