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Tess Rogers grew up in the midst of chaos and uncertainty, but she always knew one thing to be truea€”one day six hundred acres of prime farmland would be hers. Then she discovers not even that truth can be counted on. Tess's stepfather has kept important secrets, and Tess's dream of breeding a line of organic dairy cows suddenly goes up in a burst of smoke and flame. R. Clayton Sutter is an expert at managing just about anythinga€”money, businesses, and people. Getting NorthAm Fuel's newest shale refinery operational in the rolling hills of Upstate New York shouldna€™t be much of a challenge, but then, she hadn't counted on dealing with vandalism, petitions, and a woman shea€™d never expected to see againa€”one who still haunts her dreams. When Tess and Clay square off on opposite sides of the heated debate, past and present collide in a battle of wills and unbidden desire.Radclyffe. Romances Innocent Hearts Promising Hearts Lovea#39;s Melody Lost Lovea#39;s Tender Warriors Tomorrowa#39;s Promise ... by Starlight Crossroads Homestead Honor Series Above All, Honor Honor Bound Love aamp; Honor Honor Guards Honoranbsp;...

Publisher:Bold Strokes Books Inc - 2013-11-01


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