Home Fix-It 101

Home Fix-It 101

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How many times have you paid hundreds of dollars to fix the kitchen sink? Or waited hours for the plumber that never shows when he says he will? It's no surprise many homeowners have wasted time and money on even the most basic home repair needs. Finding the right tool, knowing how to use it, and understanding the root of the problem are daunting tasks. Home Fix-It 101 will put an end to outrageous repair bills and your frustration. Known throughout the United States as the Super Handyman, Al Carrell teams up with his daughter, Super HandyMom Kelly Carrell, to take the mystery out of home repair. The Carrells trade the dry and dense formats of most home repair guides for a friendly, accessible approach, leading readers from the easiest jobs of a fledging handyman to the most difficult home repair jobs reserved only for a fix-it-up expert. qTeachers Tipsq combine with qHomeworkq assignments and qPop Quizzesq to assist the reader in her broad home repair education. Readers will learn how to fix leaking faucets, unclog drains, patch holes and cracks in wallboard, install and maintain flooring, replace a window, fix major appliances, eliminate mildew, build a deck, save energy, prevent foundation failure, install new gutters, and hundreds of other jobs for which a professional would charge thousands of dollars. Whether they have tinkered with the toilet before or have never even touched a screwdriver, this book will guide every reader in making repairs to their house and maintaining them for years.There are a number of things you can do to keep bad things from happening, and some bad things that you can repair. ... If they are clogged, the airflow is lessened and this can cause compressor problems. ... Other common problems include: Unit is leaking watera€”There is no water involved in air conditioning except the moisture taken from the air that ... Some prob- lems that may occur include: Nothing is happeninga€”Check the power switch, fuses, and circuit breaker switches. Alsoanbsp;...

Title:Home Fix-It 101
Author:Al Carrell, Kelly Carrell
Publisher:Taylor Trade Publishing - 2003-07-28


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