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Bungalow, pyjamas, tiffin, veranda, curry, cheroot, chintz, calico, gingham, mango, junk and catamaran are all words which have crept into the English language from the days of Britain's colonial rule of the Indian sub-continent and the Malaysian Peninsular. Hobson-Jobson (derived from the Islamic cry at the celebration of Muhurram 'Ya Hasan, ya Hosain' is shorthand for the assimilation of foreign words to the sound pattern of the adopting language. This dictionary, compiled in the late-19th century, is an invaluable source which has never been superseded. It is an essential book for all who are interested in English etymology and the development of the language.761a Ressaidar, 7616 P easels, 7616 Ressaidar, BessaUar, 762a Rest-house, 762a Resum, 762a Ret-gburry, 8726 Rettee, 7766 Reys buuto, 766a ReynoL - Reynold, 760a, 1726 Reyse, 764a ReyxeL 8826, 760a Resai, Reay, 7726 Rhadary, anbsp;...

Author:Henry Yule, Arthur Coke Burnell
Publisher:Wordsworth Editions - 1995-10-23


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