History of Multicultural Education: Teachers and teacher education

History of Multicultural Education: Teachers and teacher education

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This benchmark 6-volume set documents, analyzes, and critiques a comprehensive body of research on the history of multicultural education in the U.S. The volumes reflect the tenets of multicultural education, its history, its present, and individuals whose work has contributed significantly to equity and social justice for all citizens. By collecting and providing a framework for key publications spanning the last 30-40 years, this set provides a means of understanding and visualizing the development, implementation, and interpretation of multicultural education in American society. The volumes do not promote any one scholar's or group's vision of multicultural education, but include conflicting ideals that inform multiple interpretations. Each volume contains archival documents organized around a specific theme: Conceptual Frameworks and Curricular Content; Foundations and Stratifications; Instruction and Assessment; Policy and Governance; Students and Student Achievement; Teachers and Teacher Education. The historical time line within each volume illustrates the progression of research and theory on its theme and encourages readers to reflect on the changes in language and thinking concerning educational scholarship in that area.personal. knowledge. and. experience. In order to learn to teach in a society that is increasingly culturally and linguistically diverse ... student teachers write personal narrative essays about their lives and the experiences that have shaped their views of race, culture, and diversity. ... promote thoughtful responses to program readings in which they pose their own questions about the topics they find central.

Title:History of Multicultural Education: Teachers and teacher education
Author:Carl A. Grant, Thandeka K. Chapman
Publisher:Routledge - 2008


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