History of Africa

History of Africa

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In a single volume, History of Africa offers ;readers a richly illustrated narrative introduction to the history of the entire continent, from earliest times through to the present day. Building on the book's established reputation and success, this third edition has been revised and updated throughout in the light of new research and recent events. A companion website now also supports the text. Kevin Shillington traces the history of the continent through the ancient world to medieval, modern and contemporary Africa. He explores the early emergence of farming; the kingdoms of Ancient Egypt, Aksum and Meroe; medieval empires; the spread and impact of Islam; the role of trade and religion; and the development of Africa's wide range of pastoral, agricultural and hunting societies. History of Africa, third edition: a€c contains nearly 100 specially-drawn maps and almost 200 illustrations, a number of which are new for this edition a€c takes a deliberately African viewpoint of the European involvement in Africa a€c provides a carefully constructed examination of the colonial period and the problems of post-colonial Africa a€c presents expanded coverage of modern Africa with more on issues such as economic concerns, globalization, international organisations, climate change, HIV/AIDS, and the role of China a€c opens with a new Introduction which includes a helpful historiographical overview a€c features a companion website offering additional historical debate and critical discussion to complement specific parts of the text; key points to remember for each chapter; a variety of essay questions and exercises; and other resources to enhance the learning experience. Eminently clear and approachable, History of Africa remains the essential text for anyone with an interest in this remarkable continent and its fascinating past.He led the move, riding in a huge royal barge. The whole procession was developed into an elaborate royal ritual which is still re-enacted each year in the western province of the modern republic of Zambia. ... As a sign of social prestige they grew their fingernails long to show that they did not engage in manual labour!

Title:History of Africa
Author:Kevin Shillington
Publisher:Palgrave Macmillan - 2012-05-14


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