History Beyond the Text

History Beyond the Text

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Historians are increasingly looking beyond the traditional, and turning to visual, oral, aural, and virtual sources to inform their work. The challenges these sources pose require new skills of interpretation and require historians to consider alternative theoretical and practical approaches. In order to help historians successfully move beyond traditional text, Sarah Barber and Corinna Peniston-Bird bring together chapters from historical specialists in the fields of fine art, photography, film, oral history, architecture, virtual sources, music, cartoons, landscape and material culture to explain why, when and how these less traditional sources can be used. Each chapter introduces the reader to the source, suggests the methodological and theoretical questions historians should keep in mind when using it, and provides case studies to illustrate best practice in analysis and interpretation. Pulling these disparate sources together, the introduction discusses the nature of historical sources and those factors which are unique to, and shared by, the sources covered throughout the book. Taking examples from around the globe, this collection of essays aims to inspire practitioners of history to expand their horizons, and incorporate a wide variety of primary sources in their work.... can be bought at any IKEA from Warrington to Beijing, than have visited the Prado in Madrid where the original painting hangs. ... possibly alongside our dog -eared photographs of absent lovers, permits us to cross national frontiers, drive our cars, cash cheques and buy ... in the 18505.m a#39;Wanteda#39;posters share a similar strange affinity with the pervasive images of celebrity integral to contemporary life.

Title:History Beyond the Text
Author:Sarah Barber, Corinna Peniston-Bird
Publisher:Routledge - 2013-02-01


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