Hindi Nationalism (tracks for the Times)

Hindi Nationalism (tracks for the Times)

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This tract looks at the politics of language in India through a study of the history of one language Hindi. It traces the tragic metamorphosis of this language over the last century, from a creative, dynamic, popular language to a dead, Sanskritised, dePersianised language manufactured by a self-serving upper caste North Indian elite, nurturing hegemonic ambitions. From being a symbol of collective imagination it became a signifier of narrow sectarianism and regional chauvinism. The tract shows how this trans- formation of the language was tied up with the politics of communalism and regionalism.1 Introduction The past is a foreign country, a foreign novel opens, they do things differently there. ... The crystallisation of the self -consciousness of the Hindi belt intelligentsia, and the related making of the tributary stream of Hindi nationalismanbsp;...

Title:Hindi Nationalism (tracks for the Times)
Author:Alok Rai
Publisher:Orient Blackswan - 2001-01-01


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