High Temperature Metallography

High Temperature Metallography

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High Temperature Metallography focuses on the reactions, processes, methodologies, and approaches involved in high temperature metallography. The publication first offers information on the basic principles of high temperature vacuum metallography, including the methods of heating test specimens in vacuo to high temperatures; specimens for investigating structure and properties of metals by heating in vacuo; and methods of regulating and controlling the temperature of specimens heated in vacuo. The text then ponders on vacuum systems in equipment for investigating the structure and properties of metals and alloys heated at low ultimate pressures, as well as gas flow through the tubes during evacuation; construction and characteristics of vacuum pumps used for high temperature metallography equipment; and approximate calculation of parameters of vacuum systems for equipment intended for investigating metals during heating in a vacuum. The book takes a look at equipment and instruments for investigating metals heated in a vacuum; method of investigation by studying microstructures and properties of metals and alloys while heated in vacuo; and methods for measuring elasticity, internal friction, and hardness, and for investigating the deformation of metals and alloys at high temperatures in vacuo. The text is a dependable reference for readers interested in high temperature metallography.31 is shown the schematic diagram which illustrates the method described of testing the assembled vacuum system. ... 27a), or to the vacuum gauge type UTV- 49 or WT-2. ... or by covering from cotton wool, the parts of the system under investigation with volatile organic liquids such as acetone, benzene or methyl alcohol.

Title:High Temperature Metallography
Author:M. G. Lozinskii
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-09-11


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