High-Tech DIY Projects with Microcontrollers

High-Tech DIY Projects with Microcontrollers

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Microcontrollers are small computers embedded in many everyday devices. The average person interacts with several of them each day without even thinking about it. But why have microcontrollers become so ubiquitous, in what devices are they found, and-most importantly-how does one go about making one? All this and more is explained in the engaging text. It will turn even the technologically illiterate into budding tech wizards.... output (OWT-puht) Something produced by an action. process (PRAH-ses) To change something using a special series of steps. sensors (SEN-sorz) Devices that gather information to be processed. air conditioner(s), 4, 9 appliance(s), 5, 9 Banbsp;...

Title:High-Tech DIY Projects with Microcontrollers
Author:Maggie Murphy
Publisher:The Rosen Publishing Group - 2014-07-15


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