High Tc superconductors

High Tc superconductors

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A wide range of progress in materials development [single crystals, ceramics, thin films, wire and tapes] is reported in the 169 papers in this volume. The main focus of the papers is in attaining a better understanding of the relationship between microstructure and electrical properties. Invited papers cover topics such as the effects of substitution and doping; multilayers; nanostructure characterisation; electric field effects in High T c Superconductors [HTS]; surface stability; critical currents; flux pinning and magnetooptic imaging of flux patterns; effects of irradiation induced defects; properties and preparation of materials; microwave properties and electronic devices. A clearly broadened basis for understanding processes and mechanisms in [HTS] is portrayed. Appreciable progress has been achieved in the reproducible manufacturing of high quality materials supported by very efficient methods in microstructural analysis. This essential improvement is reflected in the increased number of practical devices encouraging the use of HTS in applications for electronics and power engineering, all of which are reviewed in depth in this work.proceedings of Symposium A on High Tc Superconductors of the 1992 E-MRS Fall Conference, Strasbourg, France, ... expected from the thermal capacity estimated above and the thermal conductance of the copper wires. ... The noise spectrum was measured as a function of the bias current at four different temperatures along the transition ... Schematic diagram of the drive unit for G. Balestrino et al.

Title:High Tc superconductors
Author:J. Dumas
Publisher:North Holland - 1993


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