High Society Sabotage

High Society Sabotage

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Sara Montgomery thought her days as a debutante were over. But when top-level businessmen connected to an oil conspiracy began disappearing, her undercover work returned her to the spotlighta€”and forced her into the arms of Kyle Prescott. Could this millionaire playboy be the mastermind behind the investment scheme? Just when she thought she had Kyle pegged, he stepped in front of a bullet meant for Saraa€bthen insisted on playing protector. And although relying on the charming bad boy 24/7 was good for the mission, spending long nights together was never part of the plan. But what about falling for the very man she'd been assigned to investigate?Another shot rang out and she dropped again, scrambling on her hands and knees. She had to reach her car. Had to. As if a mirage, the shape of another car approached in the distance. A small car. A sports car. Kylea#39;s car. She was saved.

Title:High Society Sabotage
Author:Kathleen Long
Publisher:Harlequin - 2007-06-01


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