High-Field MR Imaging

High-Field MR Imaging

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This book describes the current status of the very rapidly developing field of high-field MR and examines the possibilities, challenges, and limitations of this fascinating technology. In the initial chapters, the basic technological background is explained in a non-technical way so as to promote understanding of the issues and concepts and avoid overwhelming the reader with excessive detail. Safety issues, methods, and contrast are then carefully considered. The final part of the book examines the diverse applications of high-field MR imaging in radiology, neuroscience, oncology, and other fields, with the aid of numerous high-quality illustrations. All chapters are written by leading experts who have taken great care to illustrate the potential and progress of the field in an informative and accessible manner. The book will appeal to all with a potential interest in the application of high-field MR imaging, including radiologists, neuroscientists, and oncologists.Depending on the range of the field inhomogeneities, these inhomogeneities lead to different effects and can also carry different information. ... If the scale of the inhomogeneities is even smaller (microscopic), such that the diffusion length of water molecules is large compared to the scale of ... Therefore, contrast between tissue types can even be increased at high field, albeit the gain is less than linear.

Title:High-Field MR Imaging
Author:Jürgen Hennig, Oliver Speck
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2011-08-31


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