High Dynamic Range Video

High Dynamic Range Video

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As new displays and cameras offer enhanced color capabilities, there is a need to extend the precision of digital content. High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging encodes images and video with higher than normal 8 bit-per-color-channel precision, enabling representation of the complete color gamut and the full visible range of luminance.However, to realize transition from the traditional to HDRimaging, it is necessary to develop imaging algorithms that work with the high-precision data. To make such algorithms effective and feasible in practice, it is necessary to take advantage of the limitations of the human visual system by aligning the data shortcomings to those of the human eye, thus limiting storage and processing precision. Therefore, human visual perception is the key component of the solutions we discuss in this book.and Frequency Space Coding Hybrid Luminance ed g e blo c ks Coding FIGURE 5.8: Simplified pipeline for the standard ... The new profiles offer possibility of using the extended gamut color spaces, defined by IEC 61966-2-4 (xvYCC601 andanbsp;...

Title:High Dynamic Range Video
Author:Karol Myszkowski, Rafal Mantiuk, Grzegorz Krawczyk
Publisher:Morgan & Claypool Publishers - 2008


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