Here's to Our Fraternity

Here's to Our Fraternity

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An American Jewish fraternity whose evolution has mirrored larger social, historical, and cultural contexts. In the late 1800s an increasingly dominant fixture of student life on both US and European college campuses was the fraternity, groups of like-minded individuals who banded together based on qGreekq intellectual and social ideals. One such society was Zeta Beta Tau, founded by Dr. Richard James Horatio Gottheil and fourteen charter members at Columbia University in 1898 as a forum where young Jewish men could discuss their faith, enhance pride in their heritage, and embrace the ideals of the Zionist movement. In this study, Marianne Sanua follows the evolution of the fraternity from its rabbinical roots to its increased secularization and shows how ZBT's social opportunities, hitherto denied its members in the non-Jewish world, were a means of proving qfirst on the college campus and later to all the world that young Jewish men could be the equal of their best Gentile counterparts in achievement, breeding, appearance, behavior, and gentlemanly bearing.q In chronicling ZBT, however, Sanua also examines broader issues like anti-Semitism, Zionism, assimilation, the presence of Jews in academe, and the changing goals and expectations of generations of the fraternity's members. From debating society to social, professional, and even matchmaking network, ZBT's history reflects its charter's ideals both to qencourage, strengthen, and continue friendships gained at collegeq and qto inculcate in the lives of its members a love and respect for all things Jewish.qIn 1920 the fraternity established its first West Coast chapter at the University of California at Berkeley. ... in Los Angelesa€”and the impressions that members gained of Southern California were undoubtedly positive because ZBTs from elsewhere in the country began to flock there. ... ZBT was the oldest and largest of a group that for generations had taken for granted that its constituents would rank in theanbsp;...

Title:Here's to Our Fraternity
Author:Marianne Rachel Sanua
Publisher:UPNE - 1998


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