Hellz Bellz

Hellz Bellz

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Randy Chandler's out-of-print and hard-to-find novel HELLz BELLz is back in ebook, on Kindle and Nook. When an ancient bell begins to toll in an abandoned church, the town of Druid Hills descends into a night of unholy hell. To survive, the less crazed citizens must fight for their lives as they battle their own primitive urges to commit unspeakable acts. Before the night ends, some will discover that there are fates worse than death. a€œThe tension is built with the skill of a professional, and it is added to by the reader's knowledge that every character is expendable. Hellz Bellz is good fun. There is sex, violence and a hell of a story. This novel reminds me just a little of early-Stephen King mixed with everything Richard Laymon ever wrote. This one, you should read.q --SF ReaderJames switched on the ignition and tried t start the Hondaa#39;s engine. It whined and coughed, but didna#39;t turn over. The Moo Go man was only three feet away now, raising the tire iron over his shoulder. a€œFuck!a€ Shouted James. a€œGet out! Get out! ... a€œThey wona#39;t come, a€ a woman wailed. a€œTheya#39;re alla€”a€ Gunshots crackedanbsp;...

Title:Hellz Bellz
Author:Randy Chandler
Publisher:Comet Press -


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