Hell Night

Hell Night

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Blood Brothers The deadliest, most organized threat ever to homeland security is situated in America's own backyard. A violent, militant arm of a neo-Nazi group has forged an unholy alliance with Palestinian terrorists to bring about a mutual goal. They want to generate panic, chaos and bloodshed on America's streets. With limited intelligence available and even less time, Mack Bolan works down a hit list of strikes planned by both groupsa€”at home and abroad. The attacks are intended to destabilize America's military, legal and government institutions, and light the fuse for the fi nal act of terror against the heart of U.S. political power. The Executioner's urgent directive comes straight from the President: do anything to stop thisa€”and do it now.Nazi-converted Jeep Wrangler with an M-60 machine gun mounted just behind the driver. At the same time, Bolan moved the other way until he could see between the robed men climbing the fence to the Wrangler. ... hall that led to the Oval Office, Bolan found a half-dozen badly shaken uniformed Secret Service personnel.

Title:Hell Night
Author:Don Pendleton
Publisher:Gold Eagle - 2008-02-01


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