Heaven Up Here

Heaven Up Here

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Each year thousands of scrubbed young men and women set out to bring Mormonism to the world. Beyond the faith-promoting stories told among Mormons and the parodies of Broadway musicals, the reality of what it is to be a missionary-why they leave home and family, and what they do-is a mystery to most people. Heaven Up Here is one young American's account of leaving his family in Southern California to spend two years preaching in Bolivia, the poorest country in South America. Neither an attempt to glorify the missionary experience nor tear it down, the book recounts the good and the bad, and the struggle not only to survive brutal conditions but to make sense of it all. Beginning with the discovery of a body on a bridge on a cold winter night, the book brings the reader into a world that is far different from the stereotypes and PR images. Beneath the white shirts and ties are young people trying to bless the lives of others, even if they don't understand how.we walked across the plaza to the bus stop, both of us feeling pretty miserable and tired. a well-dressed woman walked up to ... seen a lot ofbeggars, but hers was the most creative begging wea#39;d seen yet. we caught the bus home and collapsed on the bed. ... dysentery. i started on a regimen of pills, charcoal tablets , and vials of red oily stuffcalled a€œvermifugo, a€ which means a€œworm flush.a€ we just called it a€œthe red crap.a€ sick as we were, we still gave missionary work our Heaven Up Here 63.

Title:Heaven Up Here
Author:John Williams
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2011-11


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