Heaven and Earth

Heaven and Earth

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Near-earth space, which extends to geosynchronous orbits where satellites remain faithfully over a fixed spot on the ground, does not lend itself to romantic fantasies of science fiction. It is a working place from which services can be delivered with ease and efficiency. Meteorology, seismic and crop-yield predictions, environmental monitoring, communications of all sorts, guidance and navigation, medical and educational services, treaty verification and photographic reconnaissance, news-gathering, scientific observation across the entire electromagnetic spectrum, prospecting, remote sensing, and monitoring of human activities are all in a day's work for near-earth space. Global cellular telephony, only a few years ago the exclusive privilege of comic-book heroes, is becoming a space-based commonplace. Planes that land in fog and cars that find their way in the labyrinthine streets of Tokyo guided from space are beyond a near horizon. Space is delivering its promise. This volume describes many of these activities and their prospects for changing the way we live, communicate, and travel on this Earth.... GLONASS broadcast two carrier signals in the L-band of the radio frequency spectrum using modulated binary codes. ... Like GPS, GLONASS has 24 active satellites in its fully operational constellation. ... The Russian system experienced persistent hardware problems with its early generation satellites, which led to an anbsp;...

Title:Heaven and Earth
Author:Dorinda G. Dallmeyer, Kosta Tsipis
Publisher:Kluwer Law International - 1997-01-01


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