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Linda and Robin Reismann barely know each other. The only thing that connects them is Lindaa€™s six-week-old marriage to Robina€™s father, who has suddenly died. Widowed at twenty-six, Linda is heading to California to start over, uncertain what the future holds. In the trunk of her car, she carries her husbanda€™s amateur paintings, along with his ashes. Robin, her silent, angry teenage stepdaughter, about to be left with relatives shea€™s never met, carries a private stash of pot and some closely guarded secrets. But these two women, journeying on a road alongside drifters and dreamers, lovers and liars, will discover something they never expected to finda€“between them and inside their hearts. From the Trade Paperback edition.Al left, his limp seemingly worsened, and Beverly had each guest write her name on a slip of paper. These were gathered and placed into a bowl, for a door-prize drawing to be held at the end of the evening. A blond woman sitting near Lindaanbsp;...

Author:Hilma Wolitzer
Publisher:Ballantine Books - 2011-10-19


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