Heart Two Heart

Heart Two Heart

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Twins are everywhere these days! You see them in their double strollers, at the park, on the street, in baby classes, and hogging the aisles in stores-everywhere. Since when did having twins become so popular? And how in the heck do these moms of twins do it? How do you cope when you find out you're expecting twins? And how do you get through the first year without ending up in the loony bin or bankrupt? Unlike other books on twins, HEART TWO HEART is written by twin moms for other twin moms. (Even the book's editor is a twin mom!) Where other books on twins focus mainly on medical issues, psychological, educational, or parenting issues, HEART TWO HEART tells twin moms what they need to know about what it's like day to day for that first year of having twins. Where are twin moms supposed to go to figure out what to buy in terms of twin gear? What happens if an expectant mom of twins ends up on bedrest? How do you feed two squalling infants at the same time-alone? What might the father of twins experience? What kind of changes might twin moms expect from their bodies?HEART TWO HEART tells it like it is.Authors: a clinical psychologist, attorney, educator, commercial claims representative, corporate trainer, entrepreneur/professional ballet dancer, food service manager, and a published author/book editor who have now added to their titles in life: mother of twins.We actually still use the car seats for video viewing chairs, because they love to crawl in and out of them and they are at the ... While I resisted spending money on the Britax carseat, I was miserable with other highly rated, less expensive seatsanbsp;...

Title:Heart Two Heart
Author:Julie Diamond Bobbitt, Shelley Demontesquiou, Nicole Davis, Lisa Blau
Publisher:iUniverse - 2005-12


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