Healthcheques, Journal Babies

Healthcheques, Journal Babies

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Journal Babies is written for every woman who is planning on becoming pregnant or who is already pregnant. This book empowers women with an understanding of the pregnancy process from conception to delivery. It can maximize chances of conception by helping women pinpoint the fertile days in their menstrual cycle and answers questions about fertility conception, assisted conception, pregnancy, and childbirth.The month-by-month pregnancy calendar pages help women record and organize the details of the pregnancy experience such as keeping track of doctor's appointments, special tests and procedures. Journal Babies can answer questions such as qWhat are some of the reasons that I may or may not be getting pregnant?q qWhen should I have sexual intercourse in order to increase my chances of getting pregnant?q and qHow can a home ovulation predictor test help me if I'm trying to get pregnant?q Once pregnant, this book cam answer such questions as qCan I drink coffee?q, qWhat can I expect at my prenatal visits?q qHow can I tell if true labor has begun...or if it's just false labor?q By helping women get ready for their new arrival, Journal Babies becomes a keepsake after the delivery.Daily Food Log Sample Page Find out how your eating habits stack up against the Eating Expectantly Food Guide Pyramid, (page 44), by keeping a food log. Record everything you eat and drink for four days. Place a checkmark (X) in the foodanbsp;...

Title:Healthcheques, Journal Babies
Author:Machelle M. Seibel, Jane Stephenson, Diane Bader
Publisher:Appletree Press, Inc - 2002-11-01


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