Healthcare Reborn

Healthcare Reborn

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The objective of this book is to stir the imagination of the government, business, healthcare organizations, and individuals to explore innovative ideas and strategies that could significantly lower healthcare costs through a bottoms-up rather than a top-down approach. The inter-relationships between the different components of healthcare are almost mind-boggling. Therefore, the book is broken down into a list of essays on innovation, strategy, reform, and vision. The suggested approaches are in a broad, yet limited variety of areas. The ideas in this book are oriented to the society at large with an aim to benefit the consumer. Finally, the book offers innovative solutions that the government, industry, and private individuals can capitalize on to improve the overall qaulity of life while lowering healthcare costs. In the opinion of the author most of our increases in healthcare costs can be contained not by research; rather they can be contained in the way we think, the way we connect with our fellow human beings, and the way we protect our environment. Society may need to recognize a collective human purpose, it must then connect the individuals of the society through the principles of free market to such a purpose. This is the theme of the book and this is the idea in which innovations for the future should follow regardless of which industry category they belong to.However, on closer introspection, all of these essays are indeed connected by a common theme: the lowering of ... When each of us acts without an ideal or a more parochially defined strategy, simply defined as being a€œAll About Me, a€ thenanbsp;...

Title:Healthcare Reborn
Author:Ram Ramprasad
Publisher:iUniverse - 2002-08-01


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