Healthcare, Guaranteed

Healthcare, Guaranteed

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America spends more than any other developed nation on healthcarea€”$2.1 trillion in 2007 alone. But 47 million Americans remain uninsured, and of those Americans who are insured, many suffer from poor health. In his ground-breaking proposal, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel offers up a plan to comprehensively restructure the delivery and quality of our healthcare. By eliminating employer-healthcare and establishing an independent program to evaluate healthcare plans and insurance companies, he offers a no-nonsense guide to how government can institute private insurance options that will allow each of us a choice of doctor and plan. With the rate of healthcare costs rapidly outpacing our gross domestic product, we can no longer afford to maintain our fragmented delivery of care, or entertain reforms that seek to patch, rather than cure, a fractured system. Accessible, straightforward, and revolutionary in its approach, Healthcare, Guaranteed is an inarguable guide to lasting healthcare reform.Havoc: Diagnosis. of. the. Problem. One way to grasp the scope of the American healthcare calamity is through comparisons with other rich countries of the world. In the United States, ... Are our physicians cavalier about quality? Are they lessanbsp;...

Title:Healthcare, Guaranteed
Author:Ezekiel Emanuel
Publisher:PublicAffairs - 2009-02-23


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