Health & Weight Loss Companion

Health & Weight Loss Companion

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From Atkins to Weight Watchers, most diet plans work -- at least in the short-term. Valerie H. Lunden, author of the Health and Weight Loss Companion, readily acknowledges that. However, it is during unfocused moments that the diet process can, and often does stop working. Is this due to the dieter's inability to simply concentrate, or have the diet motions become monotonous? Perhaps it is those extra portions, decadent desserts, or slices of bread slathered with butter that need to be blamed? Just because foods are available and plentiful, why keep eating them? Understanding the perspectives in this book helped Lunden to embrace a sensible diet balance and remain on a path toward improved fitness. Whether you are beginning a new diet or simply tired of trying so hard to look and feel better, the Health and Weight Loss Companion can help to create lasting success and change the way you view eating and exercise forever.A template for the thoughts log, Figure 1, is provided in this chapter. The Weight Loss Monkeys urge you to make copies of the template and record your food perceptions. It may surprise you just how often you think about food. This tool tracksanbsp;...

Title:Health & Weight Loss Companion
Author:Valerie H. Lunden
Publisher:Bright Performance - 2008-05-01


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