Healing Alex

Healing Alex

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While exploring in the woods one day, Alex had an encounter with a stranger that left him emotionally scarred, hurting, and in turmoil. Unequipped to deal with his pain, he met Mr. Parsons, a stranger of an entirely different sort. Through friendship and time, Alex learns how to handle his own memories and ultimately to help heal the memories of others. The more he learns, the more he is able to see pain affecting others. Readers join Alex in his quest to battle pain and hurt, and they will learn that the techniques he uses in this touching story can be applied to their very own lives. Author Gary Sinclair shows how to remove the stingers left in the mind after even the most emotionally devastating events. As a trained and educated professional in the field of healing the mind and body, Gary paints Alex's heartfelt story as the perfect illustration for those key points that everyone can use to help themselves and others. Readers will learn how to see love in even the worst of situations, how to free themselves of the pain caused by not loving, and how to affect change by seeing everything as different forms of energy.Dad did, indeed, bring a new optical mouse after earlier noting the worna€“out, antique mouse that Pastor had been using. ... said, and Dad wrote down what it really would have cost for the repair work, counting the new optical mouse as a gift.

Title:Healing Alex
Author:Gary Sinclair
Publisher:Tate Publishing - 2009-12


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