Hazardous Waist

Hazardous Waist

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Male weight problems are a serious public health issue and can lead to hypertension, hyperlipidaemia, diabetes and cancer. If current trends continue, the prospect of the majority of men becoming overweight is a very real one, and urgent action is imperative. The middle-aged spread that most men expect' to develop as they enter into their thirties and forties is now occurring much earlier with boys and young men developing life limiting weight problems. This multidisciplinary guide provides a gender sensitive approach to weight issues. Men need to be targeted specifically and in a male-focused manner, in order to overcome the multitude of contributing factors in their weight gain; social influences, dietary restrictions, education, cultural expectations, psychological considerations and exercise regime. This book takes a balanced approach, offering practical guidance as well as evidence-based research, academic perspectives and personal experiences. The advice is easy to implement and has been proven in real-life settings. All healthcare professionals, nutritionists and dieticians will find the assistance invaluable. It is also highly recommended for psychologists, counsellors and therapists, particularly those working with men. Healthcare policy makers and shapers too, will find much of interest.has thus given rise to male-specific programmes such as Garry Eggera#39;s a#39; GutBustersa#39; in Australia (see Chapter 21). The challenge for practitioners is thus how to negotiate the tricky dilemmas thrown up for many men in acknowledging body as a site of concern ... Unlike female body (dis)satisfaction, which centres very much around weight loss and slenderness, male aspirations are more complex and thusanbsp;...

Title:Hazardous Waist
Author:Alan White, Maggie Pettifer
Publisher:Radcliffe Publishing - 2007-01-01


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