Hazardous Materials Emergencies

Hazardous Materials Emergencies

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From the Introduction This book is mostly structured around first-person interviews with nationally and locally recognized experts who have been in hazardous materials response for a number of years. To aid networking, the addresses and telephone numbers of all persons interviewed are listed at the end of each interview. The central narrative theme of the book has been to detail the actual methods, procedures, techniques, tactics, and qlessons learnedq of specific hazardous materials response teams (HMRT) drawn from a number of different categories. The object is to have readers find a ready source to provide knowledge of what a teamed, trained, and equipped HMRT uses for methods, tactics, procedures, tools, vehicles, instruments, equipment, strategies, leak/fire/spill control, prevention, remedial actions, decision making, incidents, containment, or hazards. This book answers many questions for emergency responders that they may need to know tostay alive.... 43 Gateway Terminal Service Corp., 270 GATX, 264, 271 GATX. Tank Car Manual, 68 General Electric, 1, 9, 11, 13, 15, 20, 25, 30, 263, 274 General Motors , 30, 285 Georgia Gulf Corp., 24 Getty, 267 Gibson-Aiken Center, 272 Gloves, 88- 89anbsp;...

Title:Hazardous Materials Emergencies
Author:John R. Cashman
Publisher:CRC Press - 1995-10-26


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