Havana Ball, North American Philanthropy in Culture Clash

Havana Ball, North American Philanthropy in Culture Clash

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Mr. Plimsoll joins a North-American 'Christian' philanthropic caravan that converges upon San Diego to deliver used computers to Cuba. The two hundred 'Caravanistas' from North America each donated computers, or paid around $1, 000 to go to Cuba, to help end the trade embargo, sanctions, and accusations about Cuba's Human Rights violations. The leadership advertises their showdown with the Feds in the name of Civil Disobedience. Of course the Feds win, and take away all the computers. The 'Caravanistas' hear words of encouragement- to sit it out in a hunger strike until they get the computers back. This doesn't sit well with everyone, especially not with the outspoken Mark Plimsoll. In this first-person account of Mark Plimsoll's BILINGUAL participation on the tour, he adroitly describes the comedic confrontations with police, the FBI, professional protesters, star-crossed lovers, and U.S. Customs agents- and in Cuba, the sexual magnetism between people with money, and people without.The caravan moves again within fifteen minutes, but my car wona#39;t start. ... Then someone passes with instructions for everyone to get back in their cars. ... They drive alongside the caravan, pull ahead of us, then cut across to snake down an access road to the west and back the direction we came from, to a ... After removal of the battery cables, I clean them with some newspaper, and the van starts again.

Title:Havana Ball, North American Philanthropy in Culture Clash
Author:Mark Plimsoll
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2011-01


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