Haunting at Remington House

Haunting at Remington House

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Do you believe in ghostsa€”that these spirits walk among usa€”almost as if they are still alive? Enter the world of Haunting at Remington House and you will believe this to be true. From the moment you begin reading Haunting at Remington House, author Laura V. Keegan leads you into the dark world of the supernaturala€”where those who have died still live! Tom Gardner, anguished and guilt-ridden by the death of his young wife, Elise, leaves his life in Jamestown to escape the insanity he barely survived after her death. At Remington House, Tom finds he is tormented not only by his dead wife's spirit, but also by other spirits who have remained in this New England coastal home. The moment he begins his journey to his new home, the nightmare begins. The previous owners, Helen and Gabriel Lindeman, dead for many years, still reside in Remington House. And Tom is not a welcome guest. The Lindemans will horrify you as you realize their frightening powers over the entire household. Elise's ghost will stop at nothing to bring about the demise of her husband and all that is dear to him. Possession of those around her, the ability to appear as a human, her cunning newfound strength and an alliance with Benjamin, a dark and formidable spirit, make her far more dangerous. With lights dimmed, but never turned off, you will read into the night, turning page after page. You never know who is lurking at the end of the next hall. Is that a shadow or . . . a ghost? We will begin when we end. That is the rule of eternity. The end. The beginning. The finalization of life, the birth of the haunt. a€”so begins the story of Remington House.Patterned wallpaper showed rectangles of vibrant color where pictures had once hung. A slight breeze blew into the room ... At last he reached the window. Outside the sun was shining brightly on the trees, green with newly budded leaves.

Title:Haunting at Remington House
Author:Laura V. Keegan
Publisher:Luxlane Press, LLC. - 2014-11-07


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