Hard Truths

Hard Truths

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Hard Truths is a groundbreaking new work in which noted philosopher Elijah Millgram advances a new approach to truth and its role in our day-to-day reasoning. Takes up the hard truths of real reasoning and draws out their implications for logic and metaphysics Introduces and takes issue with prevailing views of the purpose of truth and the way we reason, including deflationism about truth, possible worlds treatments of modality, and antipsychologism in philosophy of logic Develops philosophically ambitious ideas in a style accessible to non-specialists Will make us rethink the place of metaphysics in our daily livesMoreover, it is as likely that I will come across two identical snowflakes as it is that I will run into another cloud with just this ... thoughts by changing the thoughts, but we have just seen why achieving bivalence this way is often a non-starter. ... Sentences to the effect that a particular car is or is not a Honda Civic are pretty much bivalent, and that is not an accident. ... to order parts that will fit; the DMV has to know what registration fee to charge; Hondaa#39;s commercials will be much moreanbsp;...

Title:Hard Truths
Author:Elijah Millgram
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2009-03-30


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