Hard Travellin' Man Blues

Hard Travellin' Man Blues

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They were the generations who should really have been the most screwed up but they werent! They survived the horrors of great wars, monster depressions, savage recessions, rationing, bombing, living for years in holes in the ground, persecuted, derived and bankrupt. They should have been crazy in a normal world but somehow ended up normal in a crazy world. Everything started badly yet they had the guts to lift themselves up and get out to help to restore a ruined planet. This is a continuation of the story that began in the book 'Bye Bye Baby Boy Big Boy Blues'. The story of a family and in particular one boy who endured it all, grew up and sort of triumphed. Who went out to put himself and things back together. It covers very different ground from that of the localised territory of the first book but in the same down to earth way. This envelopes the world and people in a very different manner to that described in most books. Ordinary people in extra-ordinary situations with their feet still firmly on the ground, characters that emerge full of life, fun, ability and humour.Fire fighters, police and medics were around all looking up at a crane lifting workers in a big sling. They were swinging ... The aftershocks had dropped her even further down and she was stuck, stuck fast. Rescue workers and neighbours had heard her crying out for help but couldna#39;t get in a#39;cos when she fell the bed moved over to wedge the door. Man, she was ... They were taking a sling up there to hook underneath her and use crane power to lift her up and out the window. They hadanbsp;...

Title:Hard Travellin' Man Blues
Author:Denis Hayes
Publisher:Partridge Singapore - 2014-03


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