Hard Place

Hard Place

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Free-wheeling London detective Todd qRatsoq Holtom is on the front-line against a ruthless international gang that imports drugs into the UK and Europe. His nephew has died from drug abuse and Ratso is obsessed with bringing down the king-pin who seems immune from arrest. The trail leads to the USA and the Bahamas where he is helped by Kirsty-Ann Webber, a svelte Florida detective. Mayfair club-land and the Mediterranean feature as Operation Clam races to a climax in a series of dramatic confrontations. Inspired by the facts of true crime and set against the background of the war in Afghanistan from where the drugs are coming, Ratso enters a political minefield involving Scotland Yard and the Ministry of Defence in London and the Pentagon and State Department in Washington D.C.As requested before the flight, an unmarked Vauxhall Insignia would be outside the terminal. He phoned Tosh. a€œNo news from Spain?a€ a€œNot yet. No movement.a€ Ratso adjusted his watch, puzzled that by 1:30 p.m. Spanish time the shit had yet anbsp;...

Title:Hard Place
Author:Douglas Stewart
Publisher:MP Publishing - 2015-06-01


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