Happy Kid!

Happy Kid!

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All cynical Kyle wants is to get through the seventh grade unnoticed, but a self-help book from his well-meaning mother changes all that. Magically, the book seems to know all about him. And it wants him to improve his life. Not only is he friendless, mistakenly taking super-difficult accelerated courses, and infamous for allegedly being involved in a violent qincidentq on the bus (a rep that has the school terror sticking to him like glue), one of the true A Kids wants to lure him into questioning whether his class cheated on their state exams. How could a book help anyone through this kind of misery?Kids were asking each other which essay topic theya#39;d chosen and talking about how long theya#39;d had to sit staring at their paper before they could think of a first sentence. I passed Bradley Ryder and a few of the other A-kids just as Brad said, anbsp;...

Title:Happy Kid!
Author:Gail Gauthier
Publisher:Penguin - 2006-05-18


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