Happy about People-to-People Lending with Prosper. com (ebook)

Happy about People-to-People Lending with Prosper. com (ebook)

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This book is written for investors and lenders who do not have a background in consumer finance, yet who wish to participate in this new form of interpersonal finance. It describes how to become a passive lender on Prosper.com by using standing orders to automate the process of finding and bidding on unsecured loan requests. The author's primary goal is to enable small-time lenders to be able to earn a second income from employing some of their risk capital.All I have to do is plug in the borrower credit information that is acceptable to me, the interest rate Ia#39;m willing to accept and the maximum ... My Standing Orders are much stricter than my manual bids and so far have made better loan choices without getting emotional. ... This was brought to my attention by many immigrants coming up with the funds for down payments on mortgages. ... Pensioner states: Credit card companies send me a barrage of Page 14 Chapter 2: Getting Started.

Title:Happy about People-to-People Lending with Prosper. com (ebook)
Author:Roger Steciak
Publisher:Happy About - 2007-01-01


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