Handbook of Radioactivity Analysis

Handbook of Radioactivity Analysis

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The updated and much expanded 3e of the Handbook of Radioactivity Analysis is an authoritative reference providing the principles, practical techniques, and procedures for the accurate measurement of radioactivity from the very low levels encountered in the environment to higher levels measured in radioisotope research, clinical laboratories, biological sciences, radionuclide standardization, nuclear medicine, nuclear power, and fuel cycle facilities and in the implementation of nuclear forensic analysis and nuclear safeguards. The book describes the basic principles of radiation detection and measurement and the preparation of samples from a wide variety of matrices, assists the investigator or technician in the selection and use of appropriate radiation detectors, and presents state-of-the-art methods of analysis. Fundamentals of radiation properties, radionuclide decay, the calculations involved, and methods of detection provide the basis for a thorough understanding of the analytical procedures. The Handbook of Radioactivity Analysis, 3e, is suitable as a teaching text for university and professional training courses. The only comprehensive reference that describes the principles of detection and practical applications of every type of radioactivity detector currently used. The new 3e is broader in scope, with revised and expanded chapters, new authors, and seven new chapters on Alpha Spectrometry, Radionuclide Standardization, Radioactive Aerosol Measurements, Environmental Radioactivity Monitoring, Marine Radioactivity Analysis, Nuclear Forensic Analysis and Analytical Techniques in Nuclear Safeguards Discusses in detail the principles, theory and practice applied to all types of radiation detection and measurement, making it useful for both teaching and researchAutomated Radiochemical Separation, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, Washington 99352, USA FIGURE 18.13 Three ... Radiochemical Separations 1180 A. Separation Requirements 1180 B. Radiochemical Separation Approaches 1181 C. Modern ... In this regard, radiochemistry has been described as a€œinconvenient but indispensablea€ (Bickel et al., 2000). ... molecular interferences.

Title:Handbook of Radioactivity Analysis
Author:Michael F. L'Annunziata
Publisher:Academic Press - 2012-09-01


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